Sunweb Holiday Hangouts Tour de France

Stay tuned for new dates

Cyclingfans, may we have a moment?

The biggest race in the world is just around the corner, the Tour de France is waiting for you.

We have made a selection of the most beautiful stages of this Grand Tour, which has led to a ‘Holiday Hangout’-program of 8 stages this year.

Are you on holiday in France and in the neighbourhood of  one of these stages? Feel free to drop by at our little Holiday terrace, you are more than welcome. If you register and sign-up, you’ll receive a cool Team Sunweb fanpackage!

We’ll announce the exact location of our ‘Hangout’ 1 day in advance.



Sunweb Holiday Hangout

Today, cycling is considered more than just a mode of transport. Cycling is religion. It is the focal point for large groups of fans to come together and enjoy an outdoor, strenuous event that takes place in beautiful locations around the world. We put you in the middle of the madness where you will feel the cyclists flying by. In the heart of the tension, the euphoria, the pain and the relief; you are dragged through a range of emotions and experiences that you will never forget.

Our Sunweb Holiday Hangout is a holiday terrace located next to the course of a famous cycling race, developed especially for you. You can experience the race from the first row with hundreds of other passionate cycling fans. We provide a bouncing atmosphere, live images from the race and everything else needed for an unforgettable day out.

And the best part – it’s free!
The only thing you need to do is register yourself. 
Sign-up and pick-up your free fan-package at our Holiday Hangout.